Logo Insect Respect
Logo Insect Respect

Thank you for respecting insects.

Do you have any questions or suggestions relating to INSECT RESPECT®? Are you interested in our quality mark as a dealer or manufacturer of insect repellents? Would you like to create a new compensation area and have this certified? Or do you want to report about INSECT RESPECT® as a media creator/ or blogger? We welcome all enquiries - via kontakt@insect-respect.org or via our online form.


Everyone can support insects!

Contribute: How can I support Insect Respect by myself or with my company?

•    Create partner areas
•    Support the Day of Insects
•    Spread the word! Share videos via your platform of choice
       or via Twitter (@InsectRespect)
•    Host the Insect-Respect changing exhibition
•    Wear the first sign against insect decline worldwide
•    Physician, heal thyself: tips for balcony and garden
•    Pay attention to Products with the Insect Respect label
•    Share the clip film "Little Giants"