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Halfar makes room for insects

On the company grounds of the bag manufacturer Halfar, Insect Respect started insect-friendly restructuring the roof in spring 2019: The two Bielefeldian entrepreneurs Armin Halfar and Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus tackle insect decline together by creating new habitats.

On Halfar's roof the insect-friendly habitat was completed on May, 18th 2019 at an employee event where the employees could participate in planting and sowing a biodiverse biotope. «Our vision "Advantage by sustainabilty“ also applies to supporting local biodiversity», says Armin Halfar, CEO oft he bag manufacturer employing 120 people. The area now serves as a compensation area for the Insect Respect quality seal.

The company provides 450 qm for insects. The sixpads find various possibilites to dig nesting hole and collect material for nests in areas with clay and sand. Structural elements such as wood waste (e.g. trunk parts) offer places to hide and cellulose for building for insects. Water holes offer places for insects and birds to drink and bathe, especially after a rainfall. From natural stone heaps the rain washes micro nutrients for insects to absorb.

Insect Live Stream

Since August, 16th 2019 the live stream is in place on the bag manufacturer's roof in Bielefeld. It provides an overview of the compensation area and shows the current vegetation which changes especially quickly during the first few years after installation. With some luck you might get a glimpse of an insect passing the camera!