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INSECT RESPECT Awarding procedure

The licensing of a product with the INSECT RESPECT quality seal is generally carried out individually and specific to the product. Essentially, all products that protect people from insects or promote insects can be awarded. The following method is used:

1 Basic award criteria:

•    Does the product protect people from insects by fighting or dispersing the
       animals? Or does the product promote the insect population?
•    Does the product and its labelling fulfil the legal requirements?
•    Can the product’s technology and formula be assessed as contemporary and good
       concerning its efficacy, environmental compatibility and user safety?

2 Insect Respect Philosophy

•    Is the product in accordance with the Insect Respect Philosophy?
•    Is the partner willing to advertise for using biocides less and for the value of
•    The partner must advocate verifiably for the environment and have sustainability
       fixed in his company philosophy.

3 Product Philosophy

•    No Insecticides
•    No hazardous substances
       (without hazard symbol „dangerous for the environment“)
•    Labelling without belittling harms and vague statements („nature“, „natural“)
•    Complete compensation of all caused application damages (insect loss)
•    Elaborate instructions for use (e.g. for targeted, effective insect control)
•    Useful information for prevention

4 Determination of the additional price (including license fees)

•    Products that generate insect loss
        •    Calculation of the intervention following the scientific model
              (Insect's biomass per product)
        •    Calculation of the compensation (needed area in cm² for compensation)
        •    Planned amount
        •   Compensation costs
•    Products that keep insects away or promote them: 1% of the retail price
       (used only for establishing new insect habitats)
•    Where required additional price for more environmentally sustainable
       product design
•    License fee for Insect Respect

5 Compensation

•    Assignment to existing compensation area or
•    Installation of a new compensation area
•    Generally before the sale of products

If all criteria are fulfilled and the process is implemented, the label gets assigned.
The INSECT RESPECT quality seal applies to a product series without a time limit as long as it fulfills the above-mentioned points.

Third party review

A conformity check of the compensation calculations for products, designed with the Insect Respect compensation model, is carried out by an independent auditing company. Download the current audit report here (pdf, German).