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Insect Respect Video Material - Video Recommendations

We recommend the following videos to learn more about Insect Respect:
Many scenes can be provided as clean footage in HD quality. Also with English subtitles.



Selected pieces:

"5 tips for insect-friendly gardens and company premises - with garden designer Helge Jung" 

"Business model insect protection" 

"Winner Video of the Award Unternehmerisches Herz 2019" 

"Saving flies Trailer" 

"The idea of Insect Respect" 

"Story of a transformation from insect killer to insect saviour
– voices from the past 7 years" 

"The Insect Respect compensation area – explained by the biologist" 

"Day of Insects 2018, 21./22.3.2018, Bielefeld" 

"The value of insects – Conference, 9.11.2018, Bielefeld" 

"Day of Insects 2017, 30.3.2017, Bielefeld" 

"Little Giants animated video (English)" 

"Insect Respect wins Swiss Ethics Award 2015" 

"Insect Respect – the first compensation area in Switzerland 2015" 

"Insect Respect at fair BioFach 2016 (Rethink: Another perspective)" 

"Insect Respect at fair BioFach 2017 (Rethink: Another dimension)" 

"Insect Respect at the BioFach 2018 (Art installation: „Show your respect for insects”)" 

"Dr. Reckhaus fly trap market launch" 

More Footage for your video reports

All videos and scences are available in HD quality.

For more Footage, watch the Insect Respect Playlist: Insect Respect Playlist.

We have many takes from:


Beautiful insects on blooming plants (from the Insect Respect compensation areas) 

• Art action „Saving flies“ (2012) including the fly Erika in the airplane, going to the 5 star Hotel Castle Schloss Elmau 

• First insect compensation area opening (2012)

• Reckhaus production site

• Explanation of Insect Respect („The idea “) by initiator Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus

• Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus at speeches and talks: BrandEinsKoferenz 2016, Esprix Switzerland and many more

• Market launch of the Dr. Reckhaus fly trap 2016 in Germany and Switzerland

• Award ceremony of the Swiss Ethics Award

• Statements and Testimonials

• Conference „The value of insects“ (9.11.2017)

• Conference Day of the Insects 2017 (30.3.2018) – several presentations & statements

• Conference Day of the Insects 2018 (21./22.3.2018)

• And many more – just give us a call or write an email


Media contact

For more material or shooting requests contact:


Tina Teucher

Insect Respect Communication


+49 176 56 96 63 95