Logo Insect Respect
Logo Insect Respect

The art to combine respect and business.

The history of INSECT RESPECT® begins with a special task. Dr. H.-D. Reckhaus, managing director of the Reckhaus company, commissioned Frank and Patrik Riklin from the Atelier für Sonderaufgaben [Studio for special tasks], to look for an idea for the market entry of a new fly trap.

The lateral thinking concept artists recommended the contrary: They requested Dr. H.-D. Reckhaus to scrutinise the relationship between humans and insects. What is the value of an insect? This question which is asked far too rarely led to the action save flies in Deppendorf. The focus was no longer placed on insect control, but on the countermovement and the transformation of the company inspired by the means of art.

In the background, the action at Dr. H.-D. Reckhaus led to a far-reaching rethinking and change in actions: In cooperation with the biologists of ARNAL – Büro für Natur und Landschaft AG it was calculated for the first time in detail how control agents impair the insect population. A model was derived from this in order to compensate for this influence with compensation areas.

This compensation model serves as a basis for INSECT RESPECT®, the first quality mark worldwide for insect repellents with compensation areas. With Dr. Reckhaus® the first control-neutral product line was brought to life. It is the declared aim to distinguish further trademarks with the quality mark.