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Comments from the media world.

Insect Respect is an unusual, yet when looked at in detail, consistent principle. No wonder that the world wide web reports about it also.


Selected articles:

The annoying insects are important, too

Article about insect decline in 20 Minuten (15.11.2018)
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A fly's value

Article in IHK Ostwestfalen-Lippe's magazine about Insect Respect (12/2017)
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Voluntary experts to monitor the insect population of Germany

Interview with Dr. Andreas Krüß (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation) on RiffReporter.de (29.11.2017)
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Insecticide producer saves insects

Article at "WDR Wissen" about the conference "Value of insects" (9.11.2017)
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Save! Don't kill!

Article in the Huffington Post about Insect Respect and the contribution in the Springer editor's volume "CSR und Digitalisierung" (31.10.2017)
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Creeping environmental disaster

Article in 20 Minuten about insects dying (21.10.2017)
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Namu presents insects exhibition

Article in the newspaper Neue Westfälische about the Insect Respect exhibition (13.2.2017)
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brand eins Conference

Video recording of the talk between brand eins editor Jens Bergmann and Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus (26.5.2016)

From enemy to friend

Article in the newspaper Sächsische Zeitung about Dr. Reckhaus market launch (24.5.2016)
Zum Beitrag

Strategy Slam 2015

Video recording of the 1st International Strategy Slam (29.1.2015)

Creating new connections

Video report of the annual conference on the “Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft der Deutschen Bundesregierung” (Cultural and Creative Economy of the Federal German Government) Initiative (2014)

«If I kill 1.000 flies, I have to save 1.000 flies»

Article in "20 Minuten" (8.9.2015)
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A fly now rests at the university

Article in the St. Galler daily newspaper (3.3.2015)
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Creativity for the economy: Saving flies for entrepreneurial change

Article in «Impulse – Das Unternehmer-Magazin» (9.12.2014)
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Saving flies in Deppendorf: What would Kant have to say about this?

Newspaper comment about Til Schweiger saving a yellowjacket in «Die Presse» (11.8.2014)
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«Decreasing biodiversity» means «dwindling natural capital»

Article in the future blog of the ETH Zurich (18.2.2014)
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Insect Respect twitters for insects

Since the beginning of 2019 Insect Respect uses Twitter to share articles and videos around insect decline and insect protection.