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Wether at the world's leading trade fair BioFach, at the science festival GENIALE or in the Natural History Musem Bielefeld – Insect Respect fascinates by interesting and unique exhibitions about the insect world.

Thereby, Insect Respect raises awareness for the little giants and playfully imparts knowledge about the six-leggers.

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Insect Respect inspires to rethink

2019 Insect Respect again animates the BioFach visitors to a change of perspective: By a look into the mirror everything makes sense!

At the world's leading trade fair BioFach 2019 Insect Respect made the visitors stand upside down. The mirror encouraged to look at known subjects from a different angle and thus come to new conclusions and have new ideas. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus did exactly that in 2012 on Frank and Patrik Riklin's prompting, two conceptual artist. - That was Insect Respect's mark of birth.


This time, the guests wore about 900 flies as a sign against insect decline. For every one of them Insect Respect invests 1€ in insect-friendly habitats. Who wants to help can buy a fly at the Insect Respect online shop.

First sign against insect decline worldwide

With the art installation „Show respect for insects“ Insect Respect introduced a sign against insect decline on the trade fair BioFach 2018.

Of all companies it is a biocide producer who fights insect decline: The company Reckhaus and Insect Respect introduced a new sign against insect decline at the BioFach in Nuremberg from 14th to 17th February 2018.


This world premiere was celebrated with a vernissage: The unique stand was opened unveiling the art installation „Show respect for insects“ on 14th February 2018. Over 3,000 green flies welcomed the participants in a familiar but nevertheless an abstract living room. Stand visitors received more of these flies as stick pins to carry this sign openly and infect even more people with fascination for insects. In total 1,342 guests wore the fly - Insect Respect donated that way 1,342 Euros to promoting insects.

With every Fliege pin Insect Respect invests one Euro in promoting insects through the establishment of an insect friendly habitat. The trade fair visitors could contribute by wearing the conspicuous green fly and show the sign for more respect to the world. The Fliege was produced resource-efficiently using a 3D printer, colored green by dip painting and completed locally and manually into a pin. After the trade fair the Fliege can now be purchased in the Dr. Reckhaus shop.

At the largest trade fair for ecological consumer goods Insect Respect initiator Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus furthermore gave a lecture to propose ways for companies to fight insect decline.

Press release on the sign against insect decline (PDF in German)

Insect Respect changing exhibition

The Insect Respect Changing Exhibition imparts basic knoweledge and impressions around the value of insects.

The main theme is the project Insect Respect with the mission of „saving flies“, its seal of quality as well as the model and functionality of the compensation of biocides in the form of compensation areas. The traveling exhibition consists of a part which is immediately visible with printed carton cubes which are built up as billboard and a second part with Augmented Reality, which becomes visible and audible by the use of tablets and headphones. Using the corresponding app, more exhibition elements can be accessed, which open up a visually, auditive, playful or informative deeper insight in the theme. You can find detailed information about the changing exhibition here (pdf in German).

The changing exhibition distinguishes by its simplicity, the clear strutre and the combination with the Augmented Reality. Especially the informative texts and the numerous films invite the visitor to stay and give on little space a special insight  to the project Insect Respect and the value of insects. 

The changing exhibition was designed for museums, expositions or professional events and can be combined perfectly with longterm- or professional exhibitions on the topic of „Insects“ and complements them. Please send borrowing requests to kontakt@insect-respect.org.

Insect Respect Changing Exhibition was presented so far in the following occasions and institutions:

  • 2015 on the Opening of the first compensation area in Switzerland
    Gewerbezentrum Strahlholz, CH-9056 Gais
  • 2016 on the „Round table of Insect Respect“
    Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG, D-33689 Bielefeld
  • 2017 on the „Day of Insects 2017“
    Parish hall Neustädter Marien-Kirche, Papenmarkt 10a, D-33602 Bielefeld
  • 2017 in the museum of nature sciences Bielefeld
    Kreuzstraße 20, D-33602 Bielefeld

Detailed description of the exhibion as PDF

Science festival GENIALE

The Insect Respect „Umdenken“ (rethink) exhibition stand pleased the GENIALE 2017 visitors.

From the 19th to the 26th of August 2017 the science festival „GENIALE“ drew 60,000 visitors to Bielefeld. As part of the cooperation with the natural history museum Bielefeld (Naturkunde-Museum Bielefeld; namu e.V.) Insect Respect offered in its exhibition "UMDENKEN" lots of possibilities for adventure and information. The upside down living room attracted attention where visitors could experience the world from the view of a fly. Through photos in the upside down world the room became an adventure world where different senses like the senses of sight and balance were addressed. With special glasses visitors were able to see their environment the way insects do through their compound eyes. At the exhibition stand they could also discover the film „Little Giants“ about the enormous value of insects, the book „why every fly counts“ as well as valuable tips and measures to promote insects in a way that everybody can implement. The message: Rethink! Insects are creatures like us that may have no buisness indoors but should only be fought against in urgent cases. This communicates the Insect Respect philosophy: Avoiding, reducing and if combatting cannot be prevented: compensation.

Change of perspectives at BioFach 2017

How does a fly feel on a well-laid kitchen table? From 15th to 18th of Februar 2017, Reckhaus presented at the fair BioFach in Nuremberg the world’s first series of control neutral insect control products. The quality label “Insect Respect” guarantees their ecological compensation.

At the exceptional fair stand of Insect Respect, visitors could take the perspective of a fly on a well-laid kitchen table and take pictures (#insectrespect). Insect Respect wants to create awareness for the value of insects for society and wants to change the handling of biocide products: Reduce, improve ecologically and compensate.

For information and pictures, please see the media release about the BioFach 2017 (in German).

Insect Respect exhibition: Vernissage at the Natural History Museum Bielefeld

On 10th of February 2017 the Insect Respect exhibition in the Natural History Museum Bielefeld (namu) has been opened with a special event. Visitors learned a lot of exciting aspects about insects and discovered with “Augmented Reality” ideas and solutions for the protection of insects. The presentation of biologist Stephan Liersch about insect friendly biotops in urban areas has created special interest: “Insects are faring badly, you can say”, underlined the biologist. 30% of species in Germany are endangered, 5% are already extinct. He described how greened flat roofs can be developed into new paradises for insects and how the company Reckhaus implements this scientific model with the quality seal Insect Respect. He also provided the audience with valuable tips for their own insect friendly balcony or garden: The blossoms of Phacelia tanacetifolia, Cota tinctoria, Chenopodium album and Achillea millefolium are visited from 80% of flying insects. During the subsequent guided tour through the multimedia exhibition, visitors could discover the value of insects with elements of “Augmented Reality”.

Media reported in print and online.

„Why Every Fly Counts“: English translation for the BioFach USA 2016

In the USA, too many biocides are applied and the number of insects is declining: More than 84’600 species are threatened. At the same time, the environmental consciousness, the organic market and the awareness for the value of insects are increasing. These are good reasons for Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus to travel to the USA. In September 2016, he visited the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore. In Germany, this Fair is also known as BioFach USA. On this occasion, the inventor of the quality mark Insect Respect presented the English version of his book “Warum jede Fliege zählt” as a preprint.

Now it can be purchased via the Springer online shop.

Rethink! Insect Respect caused a sensation at the trade fair BioFach 2016

From 10th to 13th february 2016, Insect Respect presented the world's first biocide products with the quality mark at the trade fair BioFach in Nuremberg, Germany.

For further information, please read the Media Release (in German).