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Where in retail does every fly count? The following brands already use the Insect Respect quality mark:


The ALDI SÜD business group is the first food retailer to offer a product with the Insect Respect quality mark. Insect Respect compensates for the insect loss caused by the use of the product by creating new habitats for insects. Since 12 March this year, an insecticide-free glue trap is available. On April, 16th 2018 a pheromone trap was introduced in ALDI shops. Since 17 May 2018, the retailer has been selling a midge candle with INSECT RESPECT label. In summer 2018, ALDI SÜD will launch further products with the quality mark Insect Respect.

Media release by ALDI SÜD (in German)



dm Profissimo nature

Since May 2017, the drugstore chain dm offers three products of the dm brand Profissimo nature with the Insect Respect quality seal. They are free from insecticide-free.  The effectiveness has been proved by an independent test institute. Insect Respect guarantees the compensation of the insect loss that results from the product use. For the purpose of transparency, every package shows a picture of the compensation area that has been created as a biotope for the product. The three products serve to identify an infestation of different house insects: Food moth monitor, clothes moth monitor and fruit flies monitor. Consumers get comprehensive information about insects and tips for the prevention with the folding package.

Cloth moth monitor: see and order in dm online Shop

Right on time for the International Day for Biological Diversity on May, 22nd 2018 the drug store chain dm introduced products with Insect Respect label in all dm branches in Austria.

Food moth monitor: see and order in dm online Shop

Fruit fly monitor: see and order in dm online Shop



Dr. Reckhaus brand products

The company Reckhaus has specialized in the development and production of insect control products for over 60 years. With the brand Dr. Reckhaus, CEO Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus personally commits to a rethinking process in his business and the sector. As first product line worldwide, the Dr. Reckhaus products are awarded with the Insect Respect quality mark. The packaging design and the provided information booklet raise the awareness for the value of insects and give hints for their prevention. The Dr. Reckhaus fly trap was awarded for its innovative packaging design with the Red Dot Design Award. The four products in the line (fly trap, clothes moth monitor, food moth monitor, fruit fly trap set) are available in more and more organic stores and health stores as well as in the online-Shop.

Visit Dr. Reckhaus online-Shop (in German)