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The awareness for the value of insects in society is on the rise. Retailers react and include products with the Insect Respect quality mark in the range. The following retailers and shops offer insect control products with ecological compensation:

  • Organic stores and health stores (brand:  Dr. Reckhaus)
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Examples for commercial partners of the brand Dr. Reckhaus



Prokopp: Austria’s first ecologically compensated biocides

On 26th April 2018 the first ecologically compensated insecticides came into Austria’s retail shelves. At prokopp in the „Donau Zentrum“ in Vienna the Dr. Reckhaus products with the Insect Respect quality label celebrated market launch.

Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus (initiator of Insect Respect) read from his book „Why every fly counts – A Documentation about the Value and Endangerment of Insects.“ The short animated film „Little Giants“ showed the great value of the six-legged animals for our lives. The visitors received a pin as a gift which is the first sign against insect decline worldwide. For each pin „Fliege“ that is worn, Reckhaus invests one Euro in protecting insects. To conclude the event the organisers treated the visitors to a Bio-Apéro and snacks, for which we owe thanks to insects.

„Insects are vital for our society and we need entrepreneurial solutions to stop insect decline“, says Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus, CEO of the company Reckhaus and initiator of Insect Respect. To exhibit such a solution the winner of the Swiss ethic award handed over Austria’s first Dr. Reckhaus products to Dr. Christian Prokopp, prokopp’s CEO.

„At first I thought: That is paradoxical. A company that destroys insect and protects them at the same time“, said Dr. Christian Prokopp at the market launch. „When you think on, it is a parable for humility and courage: The family entrepreneur Reckhaus realised that he can change something and he moves with the times.“ Prokopp will create Austria’s first Insect Respect area in Baden as an insect-friendly habitat with about 150 sqaure metres.

The Dr. Reckhaus products fight insects such as moths and flies indoors – without insecticides and with ecological compensation. The Insect Respect quality label guarantees that the related insect loss concerning a certain product is compensated before buying it. For this purpose Insect Respect creates insect-friendly habitats.

FairMarkt Dippoldiswalde: The world's first biocides with ecological compensation

On 10th may 2016, the world's first control neutral biocides have been delivered to the FairMarkt, an organic market in Dippoldiswalde near Dresden (Germany). Entrepreneur Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus handed the products with the "Insect Respect" quality mark over to Sylvia Kleber from FairMarkt. In the course of a book presentation and a short movie screening, the laureate of the German Lateral Thinker Award and of the Swiss Ethics Award stressed the enormous value of insects for our society and our economy. 

The Dr. Reckhaus Fly Trap is branded with the Insect Respect Label. That is to say: A compensation for the insect loss that is caused by it's application is created previously to the buying, in the form of insect paradises (see compensation model).

Natur-Drogerie Stocker: First Shop in Switzerland with Dr. Reckhaus Fly Trap

On 19th may 2016, Reckhaus introduced the first control neutral biocides of Switzerland in the Natur-Drogerie Stocker (natural chemist's shop) in Altdorf (Uri). "Nothing is redundant in the world - everything has its sense - also flys", said shop owner Regula Stocker. That is why she thinks a change of consciousness is necessary: "With such products, I want to motivate my clients to think sustainable - with nature, because this is the future".

Pia Tresch, branch manager of Natura Uri, also came to the reading of the book "Why every fly counts" and the product presentation. "I was not aware of the fact, how important flies are", she said. The audience of the reading agreed: Their fly swat will go out of work from now on. Pia Tresch said about Insect Respect: "We should avoid killing animals. If it is really necessary, the Label could make a big contribution to nature".

Pharmacy at Postplatz: Liechtenstein shows respect

On 17th may 2016, in the Pharmacy at Postplatz (Schaan, Liechtenstein), Dr. Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus gave the first biocides with ecologial compensation in the principality to Nikolaus Frick. Before he gave a talk at the Green Summit at the university of Liechtenstein in Vaduz about the Insect Respect philosophy. The newspaper "Volksblatt Liechtenstein" reported (in German).


Video about the product launches in Germany and Switzerland: