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Everyone can support insects!

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•    Create partner areas
•    Support the Day of Insects
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•    Host the Insect-Respect changing exhibition
•    Wear the first sign against insect decline worldwide
•    Physician, heal thyself: tips for balcony and garden
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•    Share the clip film "Little Giants"


Promoting insects:

Tips and measures to support six-legged animals

By launching an offensive against insects dying, Insect Respect wants to contribute to a turnaround. Insect Respect combined measures in a list, which can easily and immediately be implemented by everyone, helping to overcome the feeling of helplessness against insects dying. This overview, which is free of charge, shows you at a glance everyday life’s possibilities to preserve biodiversity in house and garden or on balcony and terrace. This could be hedges and herbs, the right outdoor lighting, accumulation of banches or the absence of chemical plant protection: the document offers a lot of tips for citizens and journalists.

Download "Promoting insects " (pdf, Insect Respect, German, 4 pages)

To learn more about what Insect Respect has accomplished in 2016/17 download the "Insect Respect Activities Report" (pdf, download)


Promote insects with expertise

The Insect Respect team relies on the expertise of biologist Dr. Philipp Unterweger. His scientific research focuses on the social acceptance of conservation measures and the connection between grassland management and insect populations. The results of his research help to improve green areas through adapted care and optimised marketing. In this way insect dying can be reduced and biological diversity increased. In his award-winning research project "Initiative Bunte Wiese", Dr. Philipp Unterweger combined the practical approaches of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with the scientific issues of biodiversity and social research.

An overview of the publications of Dr. Philipp Unterweger can be found here (Download pdf in German).


Promoting insects:

Round table talks about biodiversity: fallow land becomes flourishing landscapes!

Every city and every community can get involved in the prevention of insect decline! Since November 2017 round table talks about biodiversity are set up in Bielefeld, different actors from economy, politics, administration, nature conversation and civil society meet to discuss most important topics about biodiversity. The round table talks aim to transform fallow land into flourishing landscapes in order to create insect friendly areas. The interaction of different players can generate further commitment for more biodiversity in each region.

The round table talks about biodiversity in Bielefeld are more than advisers, they also increase the awareness of this serious problem. Insect Respect (Reckhaus Company) supports companies in the development and establishment of green areas that provide a life friendly environment for insects. Other contacts are Arbeitsgemeinschaft westfälischer Entomologen e. V. (Consortium of entomologists), Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten (Federation of German Landscape architecture), Kreishandwerkerschaft Bielefeld, Ravensberger Lichtlandschaften and Susanne Crayen + Partners (Architects BDA Urban Planer).
(contact details www.insect-aid.de and a flyer about Insect Aid)

The round table talks about biodiversity in Bielefeld develop a life friendly environment for bees, flies, butterflies, grasshoppers and beetles.

At the Day of insects 2018 (Tag der Insekten), people discussed strategies to implement round table talks in throughout Germany. Results are released in multimedia reports.


Wether on a roof top or on ground level: Make your areas available!

Insect Respect offers:

  • Individual consulting and conceptualisation 
  • Maintenance of insects’ paradises
  • Medial support and documentation