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Insect Respect Compensation Areas

Part of the Insect Respect philosophy is to compensate the damage caused by insect control. Where insect control seems inevitable, insect-friendly compensation areas are created following the concept of the Insect Respect Compensation Model. Products which are compensated by such areas are awarded the Insect Respect quality seal.

More and more Insect Respect compensation areas provide new habitats for insects. A click on the areas reveals more about the sites. But not only compensation areas support insects: Everyone can protect them - get tips to support insects here!

Buzzing fields: impressions of the compensation areas

Insect Respect creates new habitats for insects in urban areas. In the video you can watch species such as farmland bumblebee, red crest, hoverfly, small coal whale and silver-washed fritillary visiting the compensation area in Gais (CH).

Research activities on compensation areas

Which insect species can be found the Insect Respect as compensation areas? In collaboration with the association of westphalian entomologists and the federal research institute for forest, snow and landscape (WSL, biodiversity and nature conservation biology), Insect Respect monitored in 2016 the insect fauna on its compensation areas on the office building of Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG in Bielefeld (5 years old) and the swiss compensation area in Gais (2 year old).

Report Bielefeld (pdf, German)

Report Gais (pdf, German)

Flowering season at the insect compensation areas!

The first insect compensation areas in Germany and Switzerland are flourishing in many colours. Thus, they attract a lot of insects. Click on the slider above to see some impressions.

View on the first compensation area in the world

The quality mark Insect Respect stands for tranparency for the ecological compensation of biocides. The newest Webcam pictures of the first insect compensation area in the world - on the rooftop of the company Reckhaus GmbH & Co. KG in Bielefeld, Germany, are published regularly here.

View on the first compensation area in Switzerland

For swiss clients, the insect compensation area in Gais (canton AR) guarantees a regional ecological compensation. To make this transparent, newest pictures of the compensation area of the Reckhaus AG are shown here above. Actually, even orchids are blooming at the site (see pic slider on top of this page).

This is how a compensation area works

How does the greening of a flat roof effect the local biodiversity? What is special about this biotope? Which elements add to the diversity of plants and animals on the roof? And how do you estimate the compensation of biocidal products? In this video, a biologist explains the principles of the INSECT RESPECT® compensation areas (in German).