Logo Insect Respect
Logo Insect Respect

Control insects, however not without compensation.

At the first glance it may be surprising that of all things a manufacturer of insect repellents founds INSECT RESPECT®. At the second glance it is absolutely logical. As companies today are required more than ever to compensate for the negative consequences of their actions.

Although we are as a rule not aware of it, insect control also has negative consequences. We humans can in fact not avoid controlling insects in certain areas of our daily life, mostly for reasons of hygiene, for example in order to prevent the transmission of diseases. However, we may not forget hereby that insects are also beneficial organisms, for example as an essential link in the food chain, as natural helpers with the pollination or also with the degradation of organic substances.

The gain in life quality, which is produced from the insect control, is thus always compared with a loss for our ecological systems. It is a requirement of the fairness to compensate for this loss. Precisely this is made possible by the biological model of INSECT RESPECT®: The model serves as a basis for the creation and certification of compensation areas.

To learn more about what Insect Respect has accomplished in 2016/17 download the "Insect Respect Activities Report" (pdf, download)