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Insect determination & insect fact sheets for prevention



Out of respect for biodiversity

Those wishing to protect themselves against insects in a respectful manner, have to know which little creature they are dealing with. However, due to the biodiversity, this is no mean feat. To be quite sure whether you should protect yourself against an insect and to know what the best preventative measure would be INSECT RESPECT® offers a service in Switzerland: insect determination.

Are you being harassed by insects? Place a few dead but undamaged specimens in a little box (interiorly covered with a tissue or paper for a gentle transport), fill out the form and answer the following two questions: Where did you find the insects? What did the insects infest?

INSECT RESPECT® determines the insect species and sends you an e-mail with a fact sheet containing information and useful tips for prevention.

1) Contact us via email:


2) After our reply, send to:

c/o Reckhaus AG
Strahlholz 13
CH-9056 Gais

Form “Insect Determination” (PDF)

Body of acquired knowledge on insects

As a competence centre for respectful dealings with insects, INSECT RESPECT® has one of the most representative insect collections in Switzerland – in addition to plenty of useful knowledge, which has been compiled in fact sheets. We would be happy to place this at your disposal.


The creepy and crawly – fact sheets on insects

Most commonly we only think of them as vermin, yet insects are also fascinating creatures. When taking a close look at them, what do they really look like? How do they live and what do they eat? And how can we be faster than they are so as to prevent them from causing harm? INSECT RESPECT® has compiled a number of fact sheets for you, providing a detailed description of the most commonly found insects in our latitudes. 

At the moment, the fact sheets are only available in German. Thank you for your understanding.